Holistic Health Counseling For Women

Supporting Women In Living The Best Of Who They Are

Today, many women are living disconnected from who they truly are. The result being bodies that are sick and without vitality, minds that are in turmoil and spirits that are lacking in expression. While many women know the imbalances point to something, they are often unsure about how to proceed.  Additionally, they often find themselves in environments that offer very little in terms of understanding the desire to live more healthfully and authentically.

Holistic Health Counseling at The Farm supports you in identifying and living your health and life goals. Whole foods nutritional counseling, along with emotional and spiritual support serve as the foundation for nourishing health, aliveness and a sense of purpose. When all of you is deeply nourished, you engage the energy necessary to live your potential and manifest your most deeply held dreams and values.

Lifelong health and happiness is an ongoing process and as such we start right where you are using traditional, time-honored approaches. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to identify and live your health and life goals.
  • Relaxation and awareness techniques to reduce stress and quiet your mind.
  • Traditional whole food approaches to feeding your body in delicious and health-supportive ways.
  • Wholesome lifestyle practices for living in health and with Spirit.

Are You Ready To…

  • Reduce stress in your life?
  • Change your relationship to food?
  • Make self-care a priority?
  • Understand and connect more with your body?
  • Establish a spiritual practice that has meaning to you?

If so, call Susan at 413-527-2230 for an initial health consultation. Consultations can be done by phone or in person.