Where People And The Land Matter

At The Farm At Avalon, we are committed to creating sacred, sane and sustainable communities. We believe there is a vitality and resiliency available for all of us when we come together in ways that support the best in each of us, while protecting the precious lands we live on.

We are creating partnerships and collaborations, large and small, with members of our community. Current projects include;

  • Ongoing development of a fruit orchard with the intention to grow for the future
  • A chicken co-op with other families; sharing the work, risk and bounty
  • Wildcrafting herbs from the farm and the forest for ourselves and others; sharing the medicinal abundance of farm and forest
  • Use of the land for personal and social healing
  • The early stages of a hiking and meditation trail system
  • Sharing, trading, lending and bartering with others
  • Use of The Farm’s yurt for yoga classes, dance and herbal workshops

Future Ideas Include:

  • Raising livestock for food and pasture management
  • Creating a lending library for tools and other items
  • Creating a local network for bartering 
  • Greenhouse collaboration                                                                                                                     

 Please contact us with ideas or interest at 413-527-2230