If Home Is Where The Heart Is, Where’s Your Heart?

The Farm At Avalon is a 45 acre farm in Southampton, MA., comprised of pasture and woodland. We are committed to preserving this beautiful place, finding respectful ways to use and share it. On our own, and in collaboration with others, we are attempting to grow, raise, and share as much of our own food as possible.

The Farm hosts an inspiring yurt which is home to Kripalu Yoga classes and various workshops. It is offered as sacred space for community gatherings, learning, and exploration. In all that we do, we are attempting to live the reminders of what is possible when the sacredness of Life is honored and protected.

The Mission of The Farm At Avalon is to provide experiences and education that serve to foster healthy bodies, minds and spirits. This is done through the teachings of health-supportive eating, sustainable lifestyle practices and contemplative approaches to modern life. We are dedicated to being of service to those individuals and communities seeking to explore and bring forward their deepest potentials in living and contribution.